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Assistive Technology Learning Center
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Assistive Technology

We believe that all people should be able to participate in their community, make their own choices, and connect with others. Technology has the ability to create opportunities and open doors for individuals with disabilities. We aim to explore best practices for connecting individuals to technology that enables them to communicate, control their environments, make their own choices, and gain greater independence in their lives.

About the Guide

Do you think assistive technology could support you but you are not sure where to start? It might seem like a good idea to purchase the latest and greatest technology, but in order to be successful you have to think through the process.

What are your interests and goals? Where will you use it? Who can support you? What training is needed for you and your support team?

This guide takes you through the process of using Person-Centered tools to help you plan and prepare for incorporating technology into your daily life with the right supports. The process is broken down into four phases. Each tool is explained using examples of real individuals with blank templates for you to try out the tool. The best way to use this guide is to complete each tool and assessment in order.

Downloadable English and Spanish PDFs below



Getting to know you
see pages 9-20

Relationship map

Identifying your support circle

One Page Description

Important information about you on one page

Decision-Making Profile

How you make decisions and like to receive information


see pages 21-28

Tech Assessment and Support Plan

Assessing your tech needs and creating a support plan

Individual Environment Task & Tools (IETT)

Assessing the individual, environment, task and tools


Tracking & Training
see pages 29-36

Learning Log

Daily record of what you learn and strategies to support you

4+1 Questions

Questions to reflect on progress and address challenges


Tech Summary
see pages 37-40

One Page Tech Description

One page summary of how to best support your technology needs



Para Conocerlo
ver páginas 9 a 20

Mapa de Relaciones

Identifi cación de su círculo de apoyo

Descripción en una Página

Información importante sobre usted en una página

Perfil de Toma de Decisiones

Cómo toma sus decisiones y cómo le gusta recibir información


ver páginas 21 a 28

Plan de Tecnologia Asesoramiento y Apoyo (TASP)

Evaluación de sus necesidades tecnológicas y preparación de un plan de apoyo

Persona, Ambiente, Tarea e Instrumentos (IETT)

Evaluación de la persona, el ambiente la tarea y el instrument


Capacitación y Seguimiento
ver páginas 29 a 36

Registro de Aprendizaje

Registro diario de lo que aprende y estrategias que lo apoyan

4+1 Preguntas

Preguntas para reflexionar en el progreso y afrontar los retos


Resumen Tecnológico
ver páginas 37 a 40

Descripción de la Tecnología en una Página

Resumen en una página sobre la manera de apoyar mejor sus necesidades tecnológicas