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DONATE TO PATHPOINT! A donation this holiday season makes a huge difference by providing much needed resources for people with disabilities and people with mental health diagnoses.

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Inclusive hiring benefits the bottom line

In today’s marketplace, disability inclusion can give companies the competitive edge. Hiring people with disabilities benefits both companies and individuals. You gain a dedicated and qualified employee, and a person with a disability or other barriers to employment gains a job, independence, and a valued place in the community. It’s a partnership that makes sense for you, your business, and your community.

  • Employees with disabilities have higher retention rates, reducing staff turnover
  • Customers prefer businesses that employ people with disabilities
  • Companies with diverse workforces report higher staff morale
  • People with disabilities are adaptable problem-solvers

PathPoint can help match you with qualified and dedicated staff. We support candidates through job development, training, and on-the-job support—with no cost to the employer. PathPoint candidates are succeeding on the job, every day, in many industries, including:

Contact PathPoint for Employers and Partners

Contact Pathpoint to learn more about job candidates, work crews, and interns.

Services in five counties:

Resources For Companies

IRS Form 8850: Pre-Screening Notice & Certification Request for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion

Job Accommodation Network


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