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Inclusive hiring benefits the bottom line. PathPoint can help match you with qualified and dedicated staff. We support candidates through job development, training, and coaching—all at no cost to the employer. PathPoint candidates are succeeding on the job, every day.

We can help you:

  • Recruit employees by providing qualified, pre-screened and work-ready job candidates. This saves advertising and hiring costs, reduces personnel training time, and decreases costly employee turnover.
  • Retain staff through assessments, training and on and off the job support
  • Explore outsourcing alternatives. In some cases, we cover workers’ compensation insurance and payroll taxes as the employer of record.
  • Comply with the American Disabilities Act and benefit from available tax credits.


Contact Patience Ncube To Learn More About Job Candidates, Work Crews, And Interns

Patience A. Ncube, Employment Specialist

805.961.9200 ext.1136

"I am passionate about people and empowerment. The best part for me is seeing the joy and relief on the face of a candidate that's received a job offer after overcoming significant barriers."

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