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Exciting news – We’ve Merged! On July 1, 2024, Kids & Families Together merged with PathPoint. We are stronger together! For more information, please visit this page:

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Child & Family Services

On July 1st, 2024, Kids & Families Together (K&FT) merged with PathPoint. The two organizations’ complementary services will strengthen the mental health care and child and family related support available for vulnerable populations within the Central Coast. Both entities completed an in-depth process of due diligence and each decided by vote of their respective Board of Directors to merge. 

We steadfastly believe that we are stronger together!

For more information, please read the press release: 

About K&FT

Kids & Families Together offers a range of services for foster/resource, kinship, adoptive, and birth families in Ventura County. The organization’s mission is to strengthen relationships by providing safe, supportive help that keeps family members emotionally connected to one another. Born out of Faith Friedlander’s lived experience and her husband David Friedlander’s shared passion, K&FT opened its doors on January 1, 2000. Since this time, the organization has deeply expanded its range of support. K&FT ‘s dedicated staff provide support that allows people to:

- Build Relationships
- Strengthen Families
- Enhance Attachment

For more information about K&FT or its services, please visit:

Structure Within PathPoint

Operating as a new division of PathPoint, Kids & Families Together has retained its name and current contracted services. PathPoint now offers three support types: Developmental Disability Services, Behavioral Health Services, and Child & Family Services (encompassing K&FT). Jennifer Newbold, LMFT, is now the Executive Director of Behavioral Health Services and Child & Family Services. Jennifer is PathPoint’s longest tenured employee and has helped the organization establish several innovative programs. She has supported the seamless integration of K&FT’s high-quality services and will continue to contribute to their long-term sustainability.

PathPoint’s leadership team (Board of Directors, CEO, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents) remain the same and these staff members now serve as the leaders of the merged organization. Three members of K&FT’s former Board of Directors – Crystal Cummings, Mary Galvin, and Sharon Watts Woolley (former K&FT Board Chair) – have joined PathPoint’s Board of Directors

For further questions about the merger, please visit: