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Services in Kern County

Employment Services in Kern County

California’s Central Valley is home to a rich array of public and private industry with a diverse and growing population.

In 2007, the demand for expanded vocational opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages resulted in the creation of PathPoint’s newest regional division.

PathPoint opened a program based in Bakersfield and focused on young adults with developmental or other disabilities. The increasing partnerships with local businesses and public entities have created new opportunities for people seeking greater independence.

  1. Individual Supported Employment (ISE) prepares and supports individuals to enter the workforce through job development and direct employment with local businesses. Contact: Lora Moore at or 661.617.6170 x1703
  2. External Situational Assessments (ESA) utilizes actual work sites to identify an individual’s current level of employability or as part of an eligibility determination through a short term work experience. Contact: Lora Moore at or 661.617.6170 x1703
  3. Personal, Vocational, Social Adjustment (PVSA) assists individuals develop or reestablish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, interpersonal skills, work behaviors, and functional capacities to achieve and maintain positive employment outcomes. Contact: Lora Moore at or 661.617.6170 x1703
  4. Vocational Assessment Services assess basic information about an individual’s current education and vocational levels, abilities and interests. Contact: Lora Moore at or 661.617.6170 x1703
  5. Paid Internship Program (PIP) paid internships for individuals in competitive employment settings. Contact: Lora Moore at or 661.617.6170 x1703
  6. Student Work Experience (SWE) paid work experience, 100 hours, for students with disabilities aged 16-21. Contact: Lora Moore at or 661.617.6170 x1703 
  7. Project SEARCH participants attend a one-year, 5-day a week, unpaid internship program in a business setting, participating in work rotations at the host site to gain experience and transferable skills. PathPoint partners with Dignity Health’s Mercy Hospital Downtown and leads afternoon workshops at the site covering: communication, interviewing, job search and reflection.  Participants also receive job support and mentoring following the completion of the program to secure competitive employment. Contact: Elisa Garcia at 661.617.6170 x1702


  1. Life Skills Plus (LSP) services are designed to encourage meaningful interactions and community integration for people who have social or behavioral support needs. Contact: Joy Bowers at or 661.617.6170 x1705 
  2. Integrated Work (IWK) gives individuals an opportunity to explore their vocational interests in small groups by contributing to their community through volunteerism or as trainees in community employment.  Contact: Elwin Rios at or 661.617.6170 x1704


What's New

Kern Regional Center Carnival

Thank you to the Kern Regional Center for hosting a community carnival and for everyone that stopped by the PathPoint table to learn more about our employment and community integration services for individuals with developmental disabilities!

HIRE Mayor's Luncheon

At the Bakersfield 2018 HIRE Mayor’s Luncheon celebrating employers who hire people with disabilities and their employees, Blaine and Brian were recognized for graduating from PathPoint and Mercy Hospital’s Project SEARCH program!

Thank You for Attending!

Thanks to everyone who came to our Open House! Individuals supported, families, and community members learned about our employment and community integration programs; and heard about rights and benefits from Disability Rights California.

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Kern County Location

Kern County 
4701 Stockdale Hwy
Bakersfield, CA 93309