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Springing Forward Into Employment

Springing Forward Into Employment

Spring is upon us and this issue of PathPoint's e-blast features a special employer relationship in San Luis Obispo.

There are many opportunities for involvement we support here at PathPoint, but one of the most rewarding outlets is assisting individuals with disabilities into lasting employment opportunities. Every individual deserves the right to feel accomplished after a hard day of work.

If you or someone that you know is interested in partnering with us in San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Kern County or Los Angeles County with employment opportunities for our participants - let us know. We are always wanting to grow our employer relationships and strive to be a leading provider in facilitating job opportunities for those who want them most.

Springing Forward Into Employment

Employer Feature - San Luis Obispo
Inspired at Aspire Physical Therapy

PathPoint honors Aspire Physical Therapy, a local San Luis Obispo Employer, for creating an employment opportunity for Vivien, a PathPoint participant. Vivien experienced a severe accident years ago, which left her coping with an extended spell of rehabilitation and recovery.

A once prominent career woman, Vivien found herself after the accident facing the prospect of rehabilitation and an unplanned period of rest. While years away from the working world, enabled Vivien to recover, she found herself at a loss of where to begin again with employment. And this time around, she had a new disability to navigate. PathPoint bridged this need and Babs Furia, PathPoint Job Developer, walked alongside Vivien in this new challenge.

Bab’s described working with Vivien as: “it’s been a privilege and an honor working with her and to call her a friend.”

Aspire Physical Therapy owners Ty & Julie McSorley hired Vivien. Citing the employment as a mutual benefit, Ty commended Vivien’s contribution to Aspire as irreplaceable. “Vivien is a quality individual. We were looking for an office manager – and having Vivien step into this role was serendipitous.”

PathPoint’s Bab Furia lauded the graciousness and adaptability that Ty & Julie have shown Vivien during her transition – “there were certain things that Viv needed – and Aspired offered, which was huge - like a desk that was adaptable to her needs.”

PathPoint isn’t the only entity that recognizes the admirable relationship between Aspire and Vivien – recently, Bab’s presented owners Ty & Julie McSorley with an award from the State of California Senate as a Certificate of Recognition. Aspire Physical Therapy was honored with the Employment Accommodation Award coming directly from Senator Bill Monning’s office.

Vivien shares her gratitude as well, saying because of PathPoint and Aspire “you have made it possible for me to work to my best abilities. You have made it possible for me to thrive, and to be defined by my abilities and not my disabilities.”

Vivien encourages local employers to reach out to PathPoint and attests what the impact of hiring a PathPoint participant can add: “we all have different values and skillsets, and it may not be as visible or presented in the same way as someone, who say, doesn’t have certain special parameters, but we are certainly so very capable of contributing to society and to achieving a wonderful fulfilling career path.”

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