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PathPoint Recognizes Aline Graham Retiring Vice President of PathPoint San Luis Obispo

PathPoint Recognizes Aline Graham Retiring Vice President of PathPoint San Luis Obispo

This month, PathPoint honors Aline Graham as she retires from her position as Vice President of PathPoint in San Luis Obispo. The legacy Graham is leaving and the impact she has made in the San Luis Obispo community is considerable. Graham has served PathPoint for the past 20 years; she was on hand for the merger of Friendship Center with PathPoint, and has been guiding PathPoint’s services for adults with disabilities and disadvantages ever since.

PathPoint’s mission is to enable individuals with disabilities to live as valued members in the community. This is made possible through a variety of programs including: employment service opportunities, independent living services and community access programs. Her work as Vice President has been instrumental in the growth, impact and role of PathPoint in San Luis Obispo County.

Graham’s passion for this population has been evident from the start and because of her strategic, thoughtful approach, a lasting impact has been made possible in San Luis Obispo. She will be remembered for her team leadership, her passion for individuals with disabilities and her heart for the community. Cindy Burton, CEO & President of PathPoint affirmed Graham’s work saying “Aline is well-known and respected in the community. Her focus has always been the individuals we support."

The thoughtful, team-oriented approach Graham applies in her work opened many doors of community integration. Burton shared how Graham pioneered an innovative program called Healthy Relationships in the County. Believing that the concept of healthy social and sexual relationships is a right for all, Graham directed an innovative curriculum providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to explore relationships and provide peer support. Without training such as this available in the community these individuals are at greater risk of being sexually abused or victimized.

Lynn Storey, Vice President of HR for PathPoint shared “Aline had an interest in having a peer training model to support people in the program with their relationships etc. This was successfully started and Aline secured a grant for a “healthy Relationships” training program.”

Burton agreed, saying “This model that Aline developed has been in place for three years now. It’s a curriculum taught by individuals with the lived experience – which adds a lot of value. It helps the conversations be a little free-er and is not delivered in a top down manner – instead, it’s a very supported, educational model.”

Graham's focus has and always will be the individuals we support. She turns our broader vision of impact into a targeted and tangible plan for each individualized need. Her heartfelt involvement to see each participant succeed and excel in life leaves ripples of impact for PathPoint to continue.

“I have always been impressed by Aline’s devotion to the people we serve. That was her clear priority and for that she was greatly respected by all of her colleagues.” shared Patty Enger, PathPoint’s Chief Financial Officer. Enger continued saying “She will be remembered primarily for her compassion and caring of the people we serve.”

Burton stated that while PathPoint is sad to see Graham go, her: “retirement is well deserved. The legacy you leave behind is one we are cognizant of remembering – there are people that we are serving.”

Enger shared “Thank you Aline for being a wonderful colleague.  I will miss you a great deal.  Enjoy your retirement and especially enjoy your grandkids.”

While Graham moves on to a new chapter in her life, PathPoint and the individuals touched by her years of compassionate leadership willingly carry on her legacy in the community.

Although PathPoint is sad to see such a prolific leader transition into retirement – we applaud her for the hard work, the impact and the legacy she is leaving. Thank you Aline for the reminder that each life is valuable. You have taught us and our community to treasure, prioritize and seek the best opportunities for each of the individuals we serve. We will continue the good work you started and congratulate you on the impact you made.

Our best to you, Aline!