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NOW HIRING in the counties of Kern, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura! Multiple positions including Direct Support Professionals and Job Coaches:

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month Santa Barbara Feature

National Disability Employment Awareness Month Santa Barbara Feature

National Disability Awareness Month is a signficant month for us here at PathPoint.

This is a unique opportunity to highlight the local businesses, corporations and partners who truly make independent living a success for our individuals and communities. These partnerships have encouraged growth, job opportunities and life skills for each participant involved.

We are truly thankful for these relationships and would like to give you a glimpse of how local employers have changed both our participant’s lives as well as our communities for the better.

University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)

We presently have four work crews at UCSB - University Center, Campus Litter Removal Facilities, Facility Weed Abatement and Residential Weed Abatement. 

UCSB University Center Group Supported Employment

University Center: We have 3 people in Group Supported Employment. We have been involved in providing support there since 2006 but overall with dining services since the mid-90s. The crew is responsible for washing the dishes in the Ucen, cleaning the dining room and removal of debris.

Dawn N. “I have been working since 2001 and I just love it!”
Celeste G. “I enjoy working with the students each day.”

UCSB Group Supported Employment Residential Weed Abatement

Campus Litter Removal Facilities Department: 6 people work on this Integrated Work crew. The crew started in 2005 and is responsible for litter removal from the campus and surrounding areas of the campus as an on-going beautification project.

Daniel H. “I like the hours and working outdoors.”
Joseph G. “This job has allowed me to grow as a person. I travel to and from work on the bus each day. The job has allowed me to become more independent.”

UCSB Facility Weed Abatement Integrated Work

Facility Weed Abatement: 8 people work on this Integrated Work crew on

campus removing weeds and foreign plants from walkways, planters and lawns. The crew uses only manual labor to remove the weeds in compliance with state and Federal regulations against chemicals. We have had this partnership since 2010.

Sam J. “I like working and keeping the campus clean.”
Stephen B. “I enjoy the time we have barbeques with the UCSB Gardeners."
Mike R. “I appreciate the steady work PathPoint offers me.”

UCSB Litter Removal

Residential Weed Abatement: 4 people total work on this Group Supported Employment crew but only 3 people at a time work on the crew. The crew is responsible for weed abatement, debris removal plant removal of the San Clemente Residence hall. We have had this partnership since 2011.

Ron G. “I have been working since 2007. PathPoint has provided me with work that I enjoy.”
Elsa F. “The staff have been great! Carla is so kind and helpful in teaching me new skills.”