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National Disability Employment Awareness Month - North Santa Barbara

National Disability Employment Awareness Month - North Santa Barbara

National Disability Awareness Month is a significant month for us here at PathPoint.

This is a unique opportunity to highlight the local businesses, corporations partners who truly make independent living a success for our individuals and communities.

These partnerships have encouraged growth, job opportunities, life skills for each participant involved.

We are truly thankful for these relationships and would like to give you a glimpse of how local employers have changed both our participant’s lives as well as our communities for the better.

Today’s feature is a highlight from PathPoint’s North Santa Barbara Division.

Wingstop Crew

Alfonso is a Santa Maria native. He has been with PathPoint for a year and a half. He’s currently part of the Wingstop crew doing prep work. He has learned how to properly measure ingredients for recipes. As a member of the Santa Maria Airport Crew, he cleans windows and picks up trash; maintaining a clean and orderly airport. He also credits PathPoint with helping him gain the confidence to attempt new tasks and having an excellent work ethic. One of Alfonso’s goals is to visit Disneyland and Disney World.

Juanita, also a Santa Maria native and PathPoint participant for the past 13 years, is another Wingstop crew member. She enjoys cutting carrots and making the potato salad and has learned the importance of keeping her work area clean. This, of course, has the added benefit of providing an appealing place for customers to order and enjoy the food. Her confidence has increased so that she can take the initiative and complete new tasks. A goal of Juanita’s is to visit England and see many historical sites there.

Then we have Joseph. Joseph is one of our newer PathPoint participants; having been on the Program for the past 5 months. He has lived in Lompoc and Santa Maria for 16 years. Joseph is another valuable member of the Wingstop crew as well as the Santa Maria Airport Crew. Some of Joseph’s favorite tasks are making potato salad and Bourbon baked beans. He’s learned the importance of responsibility and punctuality. Joseph too would like to visit several European sites and his family in Modesto.

Wingstop Coach

Miguel is one of our PathPoint job coaches. While he’s only been with PathPoint for five months, he’s in charge of supervising the Wingstop crew. A Santa Maria native, Miguel attended the California Polytechnic State University where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. His dream is attending one of the FIFA World Cup tournaments.

Wingstop Manager

Gary, one of Wingstop’s managers has worked there for two years. A Santa Maria native, Gary is currently attending Allan Hancock College where he hopes to transfer to Cal Poly as a Mechanical Engineering major.