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National Disability Employment Awareness Month - Kern

National Disability Employment Awareness Month - Kern

This month marks a significant month for us at PathPoint as we celebrate National Disability Employment Month.

This is a unique opportunity to highlight the local businesses, corporations and partners who truly make independent living a success for our individuals and communities.

These partnerships have encouraged growth, job opportunities and life skills for each participant involved. We are truly thankful for these relationships and would like to give you a glimpse of how local employers have changed both our participant’s lives as well as our communities for the better.

Home Depot - Kern County

Because of employment partnerships with companys such as Home Depot in Kern County, PathPoint participants have successfully become employed and offered career opportunities to assist in independent living. Home Depot of Kern proudly employs two PathPoint participants: Daniel and Adrian. Daniel has worked with Home Depot for 17 years, and has received job coaching from PathPoint since 2008. Adrian was hired in April 2015. Both gentlemen have been honored with Home Depot's Homer Award for excellent customer service and are spoken very highly of by store management. The Home Depot managers are commited to Daniel and Adrian's success and are extremely appreciative and supportive of the partnership with PathPoint's Job Coaches.

Here are a few success stories of employment with Home Depot in Kern County. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Introducing Adrian – he has been employed at Home Depot as a Lot Attendant since April 2015. Adrian is known for having an optimistic attitude towards his job, being a good team player, and always offering great customer service, for which he was honored with Home Depot’s Homer award on 9/20/15. His next step is to obtain his forklift certificate and transfer to the freight department. Since beginning his employment, Adrian is proud to have accomplished his first goal of purchasing a truck, and is moving on to his second goal of wanting to buy a house. He even has a role as a cowboy in an upcoming film called “The Bakersfield Movie”. Adrian appreciates PathPoint’s support with finding a job and enjoys working with his Job Coach Cindi.

Cognito Motorsports

Introducing Ashton – he has been employed as a Hardware Packer at Cognito Motorsports for 2 years. Ashton has great attention to detail, which he uses to ensure the accuracy of each package he assembles. Additionally, he trains and encourages other employees to do the same. Ashton's supervisor speaks very highly of his work ethic and performance, and says he is a great person to be around. Although he is very capable of working independently, Ashton enjoys interacting with his Job Coach Denise and always loves when the Coordinator, Lora comes to visit. Ashton continues to work towards his goal of building his own apartment on his family’s property with the assistance of his father and grandfather.