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Art with Impact - Highlight Story

Art with Impact - Highlight Story

Today's story is brought to you by our Behavioral Health Division. Shewanna has attended Behavioral Health for a while now. Here is her interview capturing the positive impact crafting and art have played in her recovery process.

Shewanna, what led you to begin crafting?

Growing up my Dad and brother Billy was always doing something. We didn’t have very much growing up, but Dad and my Great Grandmother showed me crafts – it always made me happy.

As I got older my Grandmother taught me to make dreamcatchers and their meaning as well as pine-needle baskets. Also I watched her make rag-rugs.

How do you feel when you are making crafts?

Crafts relax me, working at them helps with depressed moods and with my arthritis. And they always helps me with difficult times, because they get me out of my head and into my craft.

What have you made that has brought you most satisfaction?

My dream catchers are always satisfying, but the most satisfaction was in giving them to my grandkids. Why? – because they believe it takes away bad dreams, so it works for them, and that makes me very happy.

What does it feel like to make things especially with someone else in mind?

When I craft things for others it comes from my heart and I never charge for them – It always seems to make others happy.

How do you find the PathPoint Art groups help you develop your artistic skills?

The art group helps people explore and makes them proud of the outcome. I feel there is no wrong way to do art, just follow what is in the heart. That is what is so great about art, and PathPoint providing arts group right here at Bradley Studios.

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by PathPoint!

It is important for me to show others that you can live a happy life and arts and crafts really help with that.