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Exciting news – We’ve Merged! On July 1, 2024, Kids & Families Together merged with PathPoint. We are stronger together! For more information, please visit this page:

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Behavioral Health Division Receives Grant from Santa Barbara Foundation

Behavioral Health Division Receives Grant from Santa Barbara Foundation

PathPoint is pleased to announce that we have received a generous Core Support grant from the Santa Barbara Foundation. These funds will support basic needs for our individuals with behavioral health issues, and their families.

These funds will assist PathPoint in expanding our mobile health team by one full-time nurse, in order to meet the growing needs of our clients facing mental illness, trauma, substance abuse and homelessness. Our nurses provide psychiatric care, but previously were not licensed to provide overall medical care.

PathPoint clients and their families will directly benefit from this expansion of our Behavioral Health program to include general preventive medical care. We project that it will alleviate the economic burden on financially strained community resources and emergency services.

Stephanie Boumediene, PathPoint’s VP of Development, commented, “The Santa Barbara Foundation’s commitment and sensitivity to basic needs of food, shelter and healthcare, and our population struggling with homelessness and mental illness, has made our collaboration a success.”

We are truly grateful for the Foundation’s responsive grant making and dedication to our community!