Employers and Partners

The Paths to Staffing Solutions

For our business partners, PathPoint offers employers (big and small) customized staffing solutions to help meet all levels of employment needs with well-trained, motivated employees. Job placement staff at PathPoint provides expert consultation with businesses interested in diversifying their workforce.

Employers and Mentors at PathPoint

In today’s competitive work environment, it is more important than ever to hire and retain high quality, long-term employees for your company. PathPoint offers customized staffing solutions to hundreds of employers, from small businesses to large Fortune 500 companies.

Partnering with PathPoint

When you hire a PathPoint candidate, you gain a dedicated and qualified employee. Meanwhile, you empower a person with a disability or disadvantage and give him or her a renewed sense of belonging and greater self-esteem. It’s a partnership that makes sense for you, your business and your community.

How Your Business Benefits

We know the traits employers most value are reliability, availability and productivity. That is why our workforce development training promotes these skills as well as teamwork and communication. More than simply finding the right person, PathPoint provides on-going consultation to ensure your long-term satisfaction. Our Employment Satisfaction Survey shows that 99% of employers that partner with PathPoint are satisfied with our staffing services.

  • We find the right at-will employees by providing a selection of qualified, pre-screened and work-ready job candidates. This saves advertising and hiring costs, reduces personnel training time and simultaneously decreases costly employee turnover.
  • We offer on-site outsourcing alternatives. In some cases, we cover workers’ compensation insurance and payroll taxes as the employer of record.
  • We provide diversity training for your staff and can assist you with the American Disabilities Act and available tax credits.
  • We supply on-site assistance, training and assessments through our professional staff to ensure your satisfaction.

“PathPoint provided us with such a top notch employee. We appreciate their professionalism and commitment to helping us achieve our goals.” — Tammy, PathPoint Partner.

“Robin is one of those dedicated employees that you just don’t find every day. She is a valued member of our team.” — Fred, PathPoint Partner

Project SEARCH

For more information on the unique, business-led, one year internship program Project SEARCH, click here.


For more information on becoming an employer partner email: info@pathpoint.org or call your local PathPoint office