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Success Stories

Joddie first started in PathPoint’s Integrated Work Program where he attended daily to work on prevocational skills. After seeing Joddie’s abilities it was suggested that he attend a yearlong internship through another PathPoint program called Project SEARCH. During his internship at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield during that time, the Cafeteria staff noticed Joddie’s diligence and daily smile on his face at work.

After completing his internship through Project SEARCH, Joddie was offered a position at Mercy Hospital as a barista in their brand new coffee shop. Without previous barista experience, Joddie had to learn all of the components of the position before he started his first day on the job. PathPoint’s employment services supported Joddie in learning cash handling, preparing the coffee, opening and closing his register, and the clean-up of the coffee shop. Joddie was able to transfer what he learned with PathPoint and apply them to his new job. His coworkers and patrons of the hospital love talking to him and complimenting him on the drinks he makes. He is so dedicated to his job, and it shows in the care and attention he puts into doing his job well.

Joddie’s Grandmother said:

“PathPoint has completely changed Joddie's life for the better. You taught him life skills, how to work, and gave him a sense of what he was capable of. He got a job that he loves at Mercy Hospital, is living independently in his own apartment, and just passed the test for his driver’s license with PathPoint’s support. PathPoint has helped Joddie become an independent adult who is excited about his life and his future. Just knowing that he can now take care of himself and have the life he wants really takes the burden off of me as I'm getting older. Jodie loves his life and he loves PathPoint! Me too!”