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PathPoint Participant Recognized by Mayor

PathPoint Participant Recognized by Mayor

San Luis Obispo, CA – Pathpoint, the Department of Rehabilitation and PathPoint participant DJ MacFarlane were awarded this month’s proclamation at City Hall last night, October 6th.

Founded in Santa Barbara in 1964, PathPoint provides support services that empower people with disabilities, economic disadvantages, and mental illness to live and work as valued members of their communities. In connection with the Department of Rehabilitation, PathPoint supports participant DJ MacFarlane and his work at the Scientific Employment Drilling Center in SLO.

The proclamation was awarded by Vice Mayor, Councilman John Ashbaugh. Highlighting the “Partnership with consumers and community partners to provide services and advocacy. This results in employment, independent living and equality for individuals with disabilities.” Ashbaugh also stated “The Mayor, on behalf of the entire City Council has proclaimed that October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and recognizes DOR, PathPoint and its community partners for their accomplishments.”

Because of these community collaborations, participants like DJ are able to live independent, full and rewarding lives. Upon accepting the award, DJ shared a glimpse of his journey praising his employer and community members for the intrinsic role they’ve played in his life. DJ passionately stated: “I’ve worked for Scientific Employment Drilling Center for almost two years now. This job fits my talents - and interests, and I love it. I put my whole heart into this job, and I thrive there. I am just as proud to have this job today, as I did the very day I was hired. The company also loves how passionate I am about the subject. They have even requested for me to develop and teach a training course for future technicians that work there.”

DJ concluded his speech urging community members “If you are looking or seeking help for employment – please, do not overlook the disabled. They are an untapped source of capable, individuals, aspiring for an opportunity to work.”

Each community partner supporting employment for individuals with disabilities stood together during the proclamation – this signified the unity of the community on this important issue.

If you’d like to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month, please join us for the annual Mayor’s Breakfast in SLO October 21st at 7:30am. For more information, contact Barbara from PathPoint: