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PathPoint Counseling Center Celebrates 100 Clients!


Santa Barbara, CA - As a nation, we have made improvements in access and coverage of mental health services. However, there is still much more to accomplish. For many of the individuals that now have access to mental health services, the stigma associated with mental health treatment prevents them from seeking out such services. When left untreated, mental illness does not just affect the individual. It affects their friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, and the community at large. Since the need is so great, having access to therapists who support positive change for someone is more important than ever.

PathPoint is very proud to make a difference in the Santa Barbara community as their Counseling Center has officially provided services to 100 clients. PathPoint’s Behavioral Health Case Manager, Kimberly Fouche, remarks how PathPoint’s Counseling Center continues to be an asset to Santa Barbara, by “expanding the mental health services that are much needed. Many of my clients have expressed their gratefulness of having this new center in their community”. Since opening in October 2015, the Counseling Center staff has helped people re-enter the workplace, handle educational stressors, cope with loss, face their addictions, and overcome phobias.

It’s PathPoint’s goal to provide mental health services to anyone and everyone. Not only does the Counseling Center provide services to the public, but all of their therapists provide treatment to people with severe mental health diagnoses as well. The center offers a variety of services that are based on each client’s needs and goals. Jennifer Newbold, PathPoint Vice President and Director of the Behavioral Health, goes into detail saying, “One size does not fit all – our services are tailored to each person. I am so appreciative that, as a nonprofit, we can be nimble and respond to the community’s needs as well.”

PathPoint’s highly trained and supervised therapists and interns provide services to children, adolescents, and adults that are individualized, client-centered, and strength-based. The Counseling Center offers diverse therapists that have a variety of clinical experience. Newbold states, “Our team has different sets of passions for the work. Any goal can be achieved when we maximize a person’s strengths and passions”.

The Counseling Center is currently accepting new clients. PathPoint’s highly trained and supervised therapist and interns provide services to children, adolescents, and adults that are individualized, client-centered, and strength-based.