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Healthy Living with PathPoint

Healthy Living with PathPoint

Summer is heating up and so is healthy living at PathPoint!

Written by Ciara Klerekoper, PathPoint Communications Intern

Santa Barbara, CA - PathPoint is getting in shape for summer. With the goal of participant growth and overall wellbeing, PathPoint provides the encouragement and tools to live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. If you haven’t heard of PathPoint, we are a California-based nonprofit that enables individuals with disabilities to live as valued members of our communities. Located in five different counties in California, PathPoint is proud to provide clients with integrative opportunities and services. Whether through assistive technology, prospective employment, or independent living services, participants are equipped with resources to achieve self-sufficiency.

PathPoint’s innovative programs stand out by offering individuals with disabilities the assistance to succeed in all aspects of life. Because physical health is an important component of mental health and everyday happiness, PathPoint provides a wide range of services that promote an active lifestyle. Ranging from healthy food nights, to guided workouts and outdoor adventures, we organize activities that are engaging and fun.  Clients learn how to get in shape while inspiring others to do the same.

PathPoint’s Behavioral Health staff offers yoga sessions to those receiving our services, to assist as a healthy outlet to manage stress. Clients can relax while working on their strength and endurance. In addition, some PathPoint locations supply equipment and gym access so participants can workout and stay in shape. 

PathPoint’s South Santa Barbara location hosts Walkaholic clubs. The Walkahalics group encourages clients to remain active in their communities and engage in a healthy group atmosphere. Participants learn how to support one another, bond over common goals, and enjoy the fresh air.

PathPoint also organizes healthy food nights to teach attendee’s how to shop for and cook nourishing meals.  Our individuals develop meal preparation skills that foster independence and can be utilized in everyday life. Clients love the freedom of creating meals that are nutritious and delicious.

By implementing an integrated approach, PathPoint demonstrates that eating healthy and remaining active contributes to overall wellbeing. Individuals with disabilities learn to set personal goals that are rewarded with the feeling of accomplishment when their goals are achieved. Through learning the importance of nutrition and physical fitness, clients develop valuable life skills, grow as individuals, and improve mental health.

PathPoint services impact our people beyond their disability. Not only does PathPoint provide clients with potential to grow academically and vocationally, we encourage participants to pursue nutritious and active lives. By enabling our resources to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle, PathPoint provides individuals with the knowledge and resources to thrive independently.