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Amgen Extends Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

Amgen Extends Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

Amgen, an innovative leader in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals partners with PathPoint - a nonprofit that enables individuals with disabilities to live as valued members of their community.

Recently, Amgen extended an employment opportunity for PathPoint participants to work at an additional café on the Amgen Campus. This is the third of four cafes on the pharmaceutical’s premise that has offered employment for individuals with disabilities. This collaborative employment opportunity allows individuals with disabilities to work and be a part of the Amgen mission.

PathPoint is grateful for the inclusive partnership established and commends the pharmaceutical company for recognizing the value that all individuals can contribute towards society.

Brie Campbell, PathPoint Ventura County Program Coordinator stated “Amgen has been in collaboration with PathPoint for over 10 years. Throughout this time they have been extremely supportive and always want to include participants in everything – they’ve even thrown surprise birthday parties for some of our participants!”

The recent employment opportunities for participants is greatly appreciated. Many of these participants have been seeking employment for a long time. To be given an opportunity to work at a company that values employees and promotes a positive working environment – it’s irreplaceable.

Amgen Extends Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

Amgen holds closely to core tenets that shape the company culture, support their mission and build inclusive communities. Alongside these ideals are fundamental principles such as trusting and respecting each individual’s unique talent.

According to Amgen “every job at Amgen is important and every Amgen staff member is important. We attract diverse, capable and committed people and provide an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, individual responsibility and values diversity.”

Amgen demonstrates their commitment to this mission by facilitating a community of open-minded and hardworking staff.

The PathPoint participants that have recently gained employment with Amgen echo this mission. Their gratitude for the jobs acquired and the employment experience is immense.

Bruce, a participant with PathPoint for over 10 years was one of the participants to recently be hired by Amgen. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity of employment – sharing that he is now independent and living on his own again. “At Amgen I am wiping down the tables and washing dishes” Bruce shared, but he shared how vital this opportunity is, because of this job “I am taking the bus again.” This employment has given him a reason to stay active in the community and offer skills and a contribution that only he can give.

For many participants the prospect to work at a prestigious, respected employer like Amgen is a brand new stepping stone.

Dawn, PathPoint’s Job Coach summed up the mutual benefit for both Amgen and the PathPoint participants. “They come in smiling and go home smiling every day.”

These PathPoint participants and now Amgen employees could not be more grateful for this opportunity to impact their local community.