Youth Networked Services

Youth Networked Services

Locations:   Santa Barbara  ♦  Santa Maria-Lompoc  ♦  Ventura

The transition to the adult world can be overwhelming. Many of these young adults lack the basic skills, experience, and resources essential for successful adulthood. In many cases, they are left to navigate the range of potential support, educational, and career-related services and opportunities available to them alone as they prepare for independent living.

Youth Networked Services connect youth to educational and career-related opportunities as they prepare for the next stage of independence. Youth will gain access to Work Readiness Workshops, paid work experience, access to community resources, post-secondary education enrollment, vocational training, supported services, and cash incentives for program completion.

Youth Networked Services (YNS) provides educational and employment support to youth ages 16-24 that are seeking opportunities and meet Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) eligibility requirements.*


           Santa Barbara: 805.961.9200      ♦      Santa Maria: 805.934.3537      ♦       Ventura: 805.520.8744

*WIOA Title 1 financial assisted program or activity is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Equal Opportunity is the Law

The Workforce Development Board can give you technical assistance.  Please send your grievance or questions to:

Santa Barbara County   Ventura County
Linda Hillman, Deputy Director, Equal Opportunity Officer Don Aguirre, Equal Opportunity Officer
Santa Barbara County Workforce Development Board    County of Ventura, Human Services Agency
130 East Ortega Street    855 Partridge Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93110 Ventura, CA 93003
Care of:  Marco Medina, WDB Program Liaison, Equal Opportunity Officer
(805) 884-6820 (805) 477-5166