Integrative Nursing Services

The Behavioral Health Division of PathPoint has a proven record of delivering high quality, community-based, integrated and individualized treatment and support services assisting persons on their path to wellness. Our nursing staff add a vital level of basic medical care to the therapy and skills training we consistently provide. PathPoint provides early assessment and treatment to those who would otherwise use the ER as their primary care provider, or because of the urgency of untreated illness.

Contact Us:

315 W. Haley Street, Suite 102
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Our Nursing Services in Santa Barbara County:

  • Provide an opportunity for our staff to access homeless and mentally ill persons and introduce them into the health care system.
  • Give the individuals we serve regular access to appropriate health care from nursing staff that know their vulnerabilities and histories.
  • Support residents struggling with housing stability to address the mental health, substance abuse, and physical health issues that contribute to their vulnerability for eviction or early death.
  • Alleviate the economic burden currently experienced by community resources, ER services, police interventions, and 911. We deliver cost-effective access to healthcare and increased quality of life for the most under-served.

Nursing Center Staff:

Liz Figueroa, RN

Liz Figueroa serves as a Community Nurse for the Behavioral Health Division. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Liz has always had a passion for healthcare. She began her career as a medical assistant for Santa Barbara’s Public Health Department and then Milpas Medical Clinic. With a determination to learn more, Liz went back to school and earned her Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Santa Barbara City College and became a Registered Nurse. After graduating, Liz became a RN Case Manager for the Pacific Pride Foundation where she spent five years working with marginalized populations including those who were homeless, living with HIV/AIDS, and those diagnosed with substance use disorders. When the case management program closed in spring 2016, Liz took that opportunity to join PathPoint’s team.

Liz has a true passion for improving the quality of life of her patients. She understands that those living with mental illnesses face a number of barriers to accessing medical care, including lack of transportation, an emotional state preventing the individual from attending to physical needs, and a lack of information about available resources.  Through generous support from Cottage Health Systems, Liz is not only able to provide basic medical care to our clients, but she is also able to help these individuals connect with other medical services in the community, lessening the impact on local emergency rooms.