PathPoint is pleased to thank our public and private funders and our community partners who, together, enable us to connect people, purpose, and communities.

We would like to give specific thanks to:

Our Public Funders

PathPoint receives partial funding from the U.S. Department of Labor (through Senior Service America, Inc.), The Workforce Investment Act, California Department of Rehabilitation, and the California Department of Developmental Services (through California’s system of Regional Centers).

Our Community Partners

PathPoint partners with over 400 community partners in California. These include local businesses and organizations that employ PathPoint participants with disabilities and disadvantages. Our community partners provide employment, on-going training, and educational opportunities for PathPoint participants. These participants find success working in grocery stores, hospitals, theaters, spas, libraries, nonprofit organizations, universities, hotels, cafes, banks, courthouses, airports, museums, and many more community locations. If you are interested in becoming a Community Partner, please contact the PathPoint office nearest you.

Our Private Philanthropic Partners

We also are grateful for the generous individuals, businesses, organizations, and foundations who have made donations to PathPoint in support of people with disabilities or disadvantages. If you are interested in making an individual contribution, visit our donations page.